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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Undermanaged not Underdeveloped

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Two of the world's greatest management gurus of the twentieth century
reached a common conclusion about what it takes to be a developed country.

PETER F. DRUCKER : It can be said that there are no "underdeveloped countries". There are only "undermanaged" ones. Japan a hundred and forty years ago was an underdeveloped country by every material measurement. But it very quickly produced management of great competence,indeed, of excellence.
This means that management is the prime mover and that development is a consequence.

W. EDWARDS DEMING (The Man Who Discovered QUALITY ) : Need any country be poor ? Japan had in fact in 1950 negative net worth. Japan was, as now, devoid of natural resources. If Japan be an example, then it is possible that any country with enough people and with good management, need not be poor. Abundance of natural resources is not a requirement for prosperity. The wealth of a nation depends on its people, management and goverment, more than on its natural resources. The problem is where to find good management.

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